Book Excerpts

Excerpt One

My life is different now: if my sister caught me on HBO, I wondered who else saw it. I called the Stones New York office and demanded a copy of their new DVD to see for myself. Yep, there I was on the silver screen.

Excerpt Two

‘In the coolness of the morning sunrise, the limo driver got out, and Bianca, who had watched the innocent episode, strolled down the path into the car with Mick behind her. It would be fifteen years later in New Zealand when we would meet again and I saw then something I couldn’t ignore.’

Excerpt Three

I was speaking on a topic that usually had people crying, even me sometimes. I watched an older gentleman grasping onto his wife’s arm helping ‘him walk to the front. He said “Ma’am I just want to serve God without the pain of neuropathy. My legs ach all the time.” We both had wet eyes. “Let’s pray.” As it turned out he had been the superintendent of a large denomination and his testimony of being healed on the spot opened doors for me to come and speak.